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Wiener Prater

Location: Vienna, Vienna, Austria
Cost: Priced per attraction (1-10 Euros; $1.50-15 USD)
Season: March 15 – October 31
Maps: Google Satellite

History/General Info: Wiener Prater itself has been around since 1766. While all of the rides are part of the same area, most of them are owned by different vendors, so while there is no entrance fee to enter the park, you need to pay for each ride individually. For this reason, there also is not any kind of blanket fee you can pay for unlimited rides like many free admission parks in the US. While each ride may be owned by someone else, there is one staple that the park has had since 1897 – The Giant Ferris Wheel. It was originally built to honor Emperor Franz Josef I after he reached 50 years of rule. At the time, it was a prominent feature of the skyline. The ride was nearly demolished in 1916, but a lack of funds prevented this from ever happening. In the 1920s, many film companies began using the ride as a motif until it burned in 1944. The ride was rebuilt a year later and still operates to this day as one of the main fixtures of the park.

Roller Coasters:

Other Major Attractions:

  • Break Dance (break dance)
  • Discovery (revolution)
  • Donau Jump (log flume)

Construction Projects:

  • None

Trip Reports:

  • None

Ride Reviews:

  • None

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Status: Planning
Expected Completion: 2012
Theme: MGM movie collection
Cost: N/A
Flagship Rides: N/A

Description: Right on the heels of the WB’s announcement that they will build a theme park and hotel resort in Abu Dhabi, MGM jumped into the mix as part of a joint-venture between MGM and the Mubadala Development Co. While plans are still being drawn up, the $3 billion deal calls for themed entertainment venues, as many as three hotels, and retail sections. A theme park component has been mentioned in some reports, but it doesn’t seem to be a definitive sure thing as of yet. However, since the possibility remains, I will still classify it as a new park until otherwise noted. What is interesting is that, while a theme park may not be in the initial plans, this is just the first portion of what is said to be a three phase project, so we could see a theme park come at a later date. More news as it develops.


3/27/08Article mentions theme park, but doesn’t confirm it either.
11/8/07Deal between MGM and Mubadala announced.
12/7/06 – Revealed that MGM and Mubadala Development are negotiating.

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Status: Planning
Expected Opening: N/A
Theme: Warner Brothers movie and TV products.
Flagship Rides: N/A

Description: In a joint venture deal, Warner Brothers, ALDAR, and the Abu Dhabi Media Company have agreed to a multi-billion deal that will bring a theme park, hotel, and jointly-owned multiplex cinemas. Additionally, the huge deal covers the cost to finance films and video games in the region. While details about the project are scarce at the moment, the planning stages for the new park are progressing. It is hoped that the construction phase of the theme park can begin sometime in 2009. The multiplex cinema, which some reports have claimed to have as many as 40 screens, is slated to open in 2010. More details as plans for this project are announced.


9/26/07 – Joint venture deal between WB, ALDAR, and the Abu Dhabi Media Company announced.

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Rendering of the Ferrari World theme park.Status: Under Construction
Expected Opening: 2009
Theme: Ferrari cars and F1
Cost: N/A
Flagship Rides: Driving simulators, roller coasters and racetrack for lessons and races.

Description: Aldar Properties and Ferrari agreed back in 2005 to build a Ferrari theme park in the very wealthy area of Abu Dhabi in the UAE. The park covers 62 square acres and will feature a variety of attractions. While some of them will be the traditional theme park attractions that we are used to seeing, Ferrari World will also boast a unique driving simulators and a racetrack that will be used to give park attendees lessons on how to actually drive a race car. Because of the construction of this track, Abu Dhabi will also be able to host a 2009 Formula 1 racing event, the same year that the park is scheduled to open.


11/3/07 – Construction begins on Ferrari theme park.
12/1/05Announced that Ferrari and Aldar Properties plan to build Ferrari themed park.

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Abu Dhabi General News

A birds eye view rendering of Masdr City, a planned city for the Abu Dhabi region.Welcome to the Abu Dhabi General News page. This is where all the non-theme park related news going on around Abu Dhabi. Projects such as Masdr City, the Central Market Project, Guggenheim Abu Dhabi and the Al Reem island project are all ground breaking projects that will bring new attention to the area. While they may have nothing to do with theme parks, they are still exciting to follow and keep track of. If you yourself are also interested in these developments in the Abu Dhabi area, then this page is for you. Look below and you will see news that is updated daily regarding development in the Abu Dhabi region. Bolded items are from the current day. I hope that you find this to be a resourceful tool than you can use!


**Updates will begin when site becomes fully operational.**

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Abu Dhabi Home

Abu Dhabi skyline in 2008Description: So, despite the common misconception, not EVERY new theme park/entertainment development is going on Dubai. There is a little city just up the coastline called Abu Dhabi (still in the UAE here) that is having a slight boom of its own.

Now, are we talking about a Dubailand kind of construction boom? Absolutely not, I can’t think of a project in recent history that even comes close to comparison. The projects going on in Abu Dhabi are a little different than Dubai, as where Dubai is basically one huge mega development (Dubailand), all of these projects in Abi Dhabi are being developed by different groups. These developments range from theme parks to resorts to arts venues to man made islands and everything in between. It’s kind of a shame that such exciting development is basically being swept under the rug, but hey, Dubai deserves the attention that its getting.

Below is a list of the theme park projects going on in the Abu Dhabi area. The general page – like the one for Dubai – is a page dedicated to other spectacular developments going on that don’t necessarily have to do with theme parks, but are still exciting nonetheless. Information about Abu Dhabi is a little thin considering everyone is paying attention to Dubai, but I will do my best to provide the most thorough and up to date info as possible. Enjoy!

Abu Dhabi Pages:

General News – All the non-theme park stuff going on.
Ferrari Theme Park – Ferrari is developing a theme park in the Abu Dhabi region.
Warner Brothers – The WB has signed a deal to bring a theme park to the Abu Dhabi area.
MGM Resort – MGM will be building a large, non-gambling resort in Abu Dhabi.

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